Photography and Digital Art


Still photography and 2D imagery drives me to think critically about telling the story of the subject in a way that video and motion pictures are unable to express. The singularity of a photographic moment requires that the image be conceived in the mind prior to capture, even when that moment is 1/1000th of a second in duration. My motto: be prepared!
Product Photography

From cars to floor lamps to artwork, I strive to compose images that hide the complexity of the lighting strategy in order to allow the subject to leap out at the viewer.


This series is of the artwork of John Frame, a sculptor, photographer, and filmmaker from Southern California.


Take a look at John's website here

Image Manipulation

Art work always needs to tell a story and digital imagery lends itself beautifully to that end. I enjoy taking disparate images and combining them into unique compositions as much as I like bringing analog photographic processing into the digital realm.

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