I write for a variety of client marketing needs including content development, curriculum development, grant proposals, RFP/RFQ, video scripts, market research, marketing strategies, and business plans. 


Each of my works incorporates the client's input, in-depth research, and a focus on end-user needs. I feel it is critical to tell honest, compelling stories that evoke emotion, provoke action and result in retained knowledge. 

Video Scripts

From 30-second commercial spots to long-form programming, I've written product & service advertisements, PSA's, corporate communications, eLearning curriculum, corporate training modules, train-the-trainer segments, reality TV game scenarios, promos for shows, and documentary treatments.

Market Research

As a rule, research is at the foundation of all my writing, but formulating an appropriate executive summary about competitive forces in particular markets, trends in consumer behavior, and product development attributes requires rigorous academic and technical discovery, of which I am a huge fan.

Grant Proposals

On-going and project-based funding from foundations both public and private, as well as government sponsored grant opportunities.


Experience with National Science Foundation, National Endowment of the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, Department of Education, and Department of Defense. 

Marketing Strategy

The most well formulated strategy is only as good as the understanding of the people who will enact it. I work hard to develop strategies that take into account a firm's corporate culture to ensure that measures of success are realistic and aligned with the firms overall goals. 


My strategy work has benefitted non-profits, SMB's, academic institutions, and start-ups alike.